Wentworth VR (Fremantle Media)


WENTWORTH VR- Interactive Virtual Reality Experience
Directed by Michael Beets
Starring: Pia Miranda
Production Company: StartVR/ Fremantle Media
– Lumiere Awards Finalist
– SPA Nomination (2018 Interactive production of the year)



Wentworth Screengrab

Wentworth Screenshot

Wentworth Tv Series VR


Wentworth VR is an interactive cinematic virtual reality experience that places you firmly in the shoes of a new inmate at the infamous Wentworth Correctional Centre. Upon your arrival, it’s unclear why you have been incarcerated, but you will need quick wits and reflexes if you’re to stay alive in your hostile new home. The plot explores an alternative narrative scenario set in “J-Block”; offering fans a unique opportunity to participate in the Wentworth universe first hand, and, for new and established audiences alike, a compelling insight into a cast of colourful characters that will make your life hell. The Wentworth VR series is a dark and gritty experience made for mature audiences.