2D / VR Music Video- Gordi

Peoples Choice Award- Soundkilda


360 Virtual Reality Perspective.

A virtual reality music video that gives the audience two perspectives (2D and VR) on the same story. I was most interested in creating an experience that explores the strengths of each medium and to offer varying perspectives of Nigel’s (the marionette) world.

“Taken from her debut album Reservoir, Australian indie pop artist Gordi presents her stunning single “Bitter End” in 360 degree VR. “Bitter End” was recorded in Iceland and produced by Alex Somers (Sigur Ros) and Gordi, accompanied by a stunning 360 video shot in a specially-built diorama by Melbourne’s Michael Beets”.

Director: Michael Beets
Cinematographer: Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Editor: Stu Willis
Producer: Jess Langley

Puppeteer: Jhess Knight
Set Design: Claire Marmur
Production Company: Otto Empire